Love Leather? We Do!

We have always admired rustic, antique leather items and have travelled extensively to find leather products that we would want to use every day; something that would be a class apart. After coming back to Australia we always found that finding that exquisite and affordable leather product was never easy...and that’s where our story starts.

We started out by learning everything about leather and were soon overwhelmed by the various types of leather their specific treatment processes and styles. It took many months of research and meeting with leather suppliers to identify the type of leather and the processes that we would want to work with. Being conscious of our beautiful planet, our philosophy has always been to be sustainable in everything we do and how we operate. You can read more about our sustainable methods here.

Next came the fun part of designing products that would appeal to leather connoisseurs. We wanted to achieve a perfect mix of style, strength and class while still holding onto a characteristic vintage feel.

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All our products are manufactured in India with a world renowned history of leather craftsmanship. If you would like to read more about the people who make our products please click here

We hope that you find our products meet your expectations and you enjoy them for years to come.