Coffee tables serve many purposes, ranging from evening get-togethers to completing the look of your living space. A living room without a coffee table looks undone and the much needed space always seems missing. Initially, coffee tables always seem expensive, but they come with many advantages to outweigh the drawbacks for a lot of homeowners and interior designers. Now, the questions which always arise before buying a coffee table are - what would suit your needs the best. Should you buy the metallic one with sharp edges or the wooden one with chunky legs? Should you buy a square, rectangular, round or hexagonal table?

coffee tablecoffee table

With such endless options and overwhelming needs, NuBuck always feels that nothing works better than a round or hexagonal coffee table. We offer a highly functional range of large coffee tables which have minimal footprint, are crafted with thick natural mango wood slabs, beautifully hand made and have a strong metal frame base for efficient longevity.

Let’s take a look at the advantages these  tables which boast of round and hexagonal elegance :

They allow better personal interaction and proximity : These shapes of tables ensure that everybody is facing the center and nobody misses out the conversations. You are also less likely to miss out having the bite of the snack or dish which might be the case in a rectangular or a square table.

Great for smaller spaces : These shapes allow more shoulder space and can be placed in any corner without the edges disturbing easy movement. Moreover, two hexagonal coffee tables can be placed together at edges in a larger honeycomb arrangement to accommodate more guests or friends.

Better utilisation of space : These coffee tables are versatile and suit smaller spaces and even the larger open spaces. These also allow a comfortable movement for people to move around, pull a chair and sit - all without disturbing others as in the case of square or rectangular tables.

Convenient for homes with kids and pets : Having either of these shapes, spares you from worrying about the sharp corners and edges of the tables hurting your kids and pets. These also give them some more space to move while playing around.

Customised look and versatile use: The small footprint and unique look of these coffee tables makes them ideal for the angle of a sectional sofa setting or as a side table next to chairs or a deep sofa.

So, when in doubt it is generally better to choose a round or hexagonal coffee table because of all the major advantages it has. Additionally, to take yourself away from the confusion, NuBuck allows you to break down the maze of decisions and steer you in the direction of the perfect coffee table. Browse through our amazing collection now!