Decor Ideas - Exclusive Collection of Engraved and Embossed Leather Butterfly Chairs

A leather butterfly chair would be a perfect vintage classic for your home decor. These chairs would transform any decor with a tinge of richness and uniqueness. NuBuck offers a complete range of beautifully hand-crafted leather chairs and products as a valued addition to your homes.

  • Handcrafted, premium buffalo leather cover
  • A finished leather look and stain with brown color tones
  • Intricately hand carved engraving on cover
  • Cross stitched with leather on all edges providing amazing strength and durability

Here, we give home ideas to inspire your leather butterfly chair dreams.

For more inspiration, browse through our online collection of butterfly chair covers. Our engraved and embossed covers are created for discerning customers who are looking for something different. Feel the leather difference with us!