Butterfly chairs were once the most important part of rooms and have evolved as a modern classic design in the present times. Considering the price tags on other designer furniture, these chairs have turned relatively inexpensive. Being ridiculously comfortable, the butterfly chairs look good in just any room of the house. They are also versatile, and the owners can easily fit them into new decor or add a glamour quotient with a fur rug placed on them.

Leather and butterfly chairs make a beautiful pair. NuBuck has the most elegant collection of black leather chairs in Sydney. Available at wholesale and retail rates, these hand crafted butterfly chairs are cross-stitched with leather on all edges providing amazing strength and durability. In comparison to the fabric versions which provide a very casual look, the leather gives more charm and elegance look to the chair.

Having great historical existence, these chairs have ever been popular because of versatility and simple design. The butterfly chairs can be placed in any corner of your home and there are many ways to do it. NuBuck makes you feel the leather difference, making these masterpiece chairs irresistible. Which look is your favourite?

1.What is more comfortable with the books, than a butterfly chair in your own library?

butterfly chair in your own library

2.Bringing warmth to your fireplace.

fireplace butterfly chair

3.Adding elegance to the outdoors.

outdoors butterfly chair

4. In your own small indoor garden.

indoor garden butterfly chair

5.What is a living room without a black leather butterfly chair?

black leather butterfly chair

The black leather butterfly chairs add a lot of visual presence in the room. They look classy with a tinge of vintage sophistication. NuBuck has the greatest range of leather options of butterfly chairs in Sydney. Feel the leather difference with us. Browse our collection now! and decorate your home with butterfly chair from NuBuck.