Are you looking for a fabulous unconventional Special Day gift for your loved one? NuBuck, understands that after few years of celebration, Special and gifting ideas become repetitive. If you are the one who has lost the thrill for chocolates, flowers, candle light dinners and everything routinely romantic - we have rounded up a range of unique gifts and ideas to combat this Special predictability.

Yes! We are talking about something uniquely leather for your partner. A beautiful piece of antique or vintage looking furniture makes a great present, with leather winning all hearts and love. NuBuck, being a one stop solution to contemporary leather furniture, offers a highly functional range of large coffee tables, butterfly chairs, full grain leather butterfly chair, crackle leather chairs, Nutella Butterfly Chairs, vintage leather butterfly chair, caramel leather chair, lamps and bespoke manufacturing of leather goods. Now, don’t you have a lot to choose from us or even customise?

Many of us always admire the rustic and antique leather items in our living spaces. NuBuck not only has an extensive range of easy to find leather products, but our products are also suitable for everyday use. Same as finding true love, finding exquisite and affordable leather product has never been easy. This sets us class apart in the leather industry. Planning to buy a masterpiece from us? Worry not, because we provide shipping services all across Australia.

1.Butterfly chairs for your everyday conversations :

Butterfly chairs

2.Coffee tables for all the parties and get-together comfort : 

                    Coffee tables

3.Full grain leather butterfly chair, so that your partner can sit and relax after a long day :

                  leather butterfly chair

4.Customised options because you know your partner the best!

                                     butterfly chair

Feel the leather difference with us! Browse through our collection and order now. Products available across Sydney.