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There is nothing beyond the exceptional comfort which a butterfly chair at your office can offer. Whether in waiting areas, work desks or meeting rooms - there has to be comfort for productivity. A comfortable chair is the key to new ideas and growth. Comparable to the lounge chair in the offices, these leather master chairs from NuBuck would steal the show with style and looks. The unique chairs from NuBuck will actually transform your working space and comfortably ensure your employees sit down to complete their work. Being specialists in rustic and handcrafted leather furniture, NuBuck has carved a niche in giving sustainable vintage feelings to contemporary furniture pieces. Our master butterfly chairs are perfect for stiffest of corporate offices to creative entrepreneurial start-ups.

NuBuck has a great collection, of wholesale chairs for offices in Australia, to inspire productivity and give a unique makeover to your offices. Our collection of chairs is perfect for visitors and employees who sit at their desks for long hours. Ergonomically, our chairs provide the maximum comfort with full posture ergonomic features. There is no doubt about their irresistible comfort and sophisticated looks.

Here, we tell you why these chairs will be a hit in your professional space.

Sometimes, all an office needs is a comfortable chair to welcome you to the day. Sinking into the stylish chair from NuBuck will get your creative ideas flowing.

stylish chair

The chairs will inspire you to work harder and enjoy your surroundings while doing so.


What about customised leather chairs for your perfect meetings or for all those moments when genius can strike and ideas need to be documented?

leather chairs

There is no better way to comfort your visitors than adding signature curves to the waiting area of the office.

office chairs

Industrial look with butterfly chairs can blend even with the smallest of working space. A metal frame table from NuBuck can also be pulled in the room to squeeze in a few colleagues during coffee breaks.

Remodel your offices and break free from the conventional chairs. NuBuck has the best of handcrafted leather master chairs collection in Australia. Our workmanship is of premium quality and high industry standards. Browse through our unique collection and transform your office with wholesale butterfly chairs in Australia. Order online now!

We are sure that everyone of us has heard of the colleague who hates sitting at a desk and instead craves for a big comfortable chair to curl up with her laptop. Feel the leather difference butterfly chairs from NuBuck make!