Make Customised Butterfly Chair Covers! Surprise Everyone!

A butterfly chair can adorn living rooms, bedrooms, basements, tree houses, patios, decks, outdoor garden space and much more. Now, if you want to add more glamor and versatility to your butterfly chair, there is nothing more than a DIY butterfly chair cover. Trust us when we when say that this would be the simplest and the most satisfying project you must have ever undertaken.

If you own a butterfly chair from NuBuck, you would know that the leather we use is full grain, meaning that it maintains all the strength and integrity, getting better with age. With so much power to the chair, it is always a good idea to customise it with different covers, giving the prettiest makeover to the butterfly chair every now and then.


  • Sewing measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Approximately 30 feet of good quality fabric
  • Heavy upholstery thread
  • Sewing machine with a walking foot


1.Use the original leather cover to make a perfect pattern on the fabric for your new cover. Add a 1/2 inch around all edges for seam allowances.

2.Take note that the bottom fabric should be as visually interesting as the upper part of the fabric. Always choose your main fabric and complimentary fabric wisely.

3.Sew the top, middle and bottom portions with flat felled seams. This is to ensure extra strength.

4.Baste piping on the top fabric and corner pockets to the bottom fabric.

5.Stitch all the edges through the under side, leaving an opening to turn the fabric.

6.Place the cover on the leather butterfly chair from NuBuck to determine the fit and strength.

7.Place the chair in a cozy corner and wait for the family members to be surprised.

WARNING : Never guess at measurements to avoid ending up with a cover that does not fit.

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