On Trend: The Butterfly Chairs in Interior Designing

The butterfly chair was designed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. What we may not know is that the actual design was inspired by an existing piece of furniture that was designed in 1881. The inspiration was so powerful that it took very little time to become an international trend. Many renowned architects and interior designers prefer butterfly chairs for that stylish, outrageously comfortable and on-the-point quirk. With so many variations, from vintage leather model to a bright animal print replica, there are infinite options with these chairs to suit your interior.

Faux Fur Throw Pillow + Leather Butterfly Chair + Quirk Print Rug

Leather Butterfly Lounge Chair + Natural Cowhide Hand-Woven Brown Area Rug

Leather Butterfly Lounge Chair + + Rustic Throw Blanket + Magazine Stand

The home decorating ideas have also highlighted complete room overhauls with green colour, tropical prints, weaving textures, marble & brass combinations, muted colors, geometrics, quirky lightings and bronze hues in the decor. So, if you have a leather butterfly chair from NuBuck, you have a lot to try with your home and space.

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