Own the Versatile and Striking Hair on Hide Butterfly Chairs in Sydney

Are you looking for the latest interior trends in Australia? The hair on hide butterfly chairs collection from NuBuck offers comfort, style and luxury without the expensive price tag. Nubuck is the bespoke leather furniture manufacturer in Australia, providing an amazing collection of furnishings which feature hair-on-hide leather upholstery. This material brings an very unique character to the butterfly chairs. They offer a lot of variations in pattern and color, cowlicks, hair length and features like natural scars and wrinkles. There is nothing more natural than the hair on hide butterfly chairs. 

Butterfly Chairs


  • Much like high quality leather, hair on hide comes with natural beauty
  • They have unique vintage feel
  • They have unique color patterns, hair length and natural markings of the hide
  • Hair on hide is a trending finish for furniture
  • They have an unexpected style to themselves
  • They go a long way in interior design and are special
  • With rugged looks, they can give a back-country feel
  • They are lightweight, portable and interesting

Our classic hair on hide butterfly chairs are hand cut and sewn with great workmanship. We ensure that theses chairs are comfortable, chic and perfect to relax in style. They come with a curving back and seat to sufficiently support your body. The durability and strength to these butterfly chairs is given by the metal frame. The hair on hide leather creates an appearance of wilderness with contemporary sophistication. We use highest quality standards and incredible price to make these hair on hide butterfly chairs something perfect, just about anywhere and for everyone.

OUR SERVICES: Combined or single, these masterpieces are great accents for a casual space or any industrial decor. Nubuck, along with these beautiful hair on hide butterfly chairs Sydney, offers a contemporary range of coffee tables, butterfly chairs, full grain leather butterfly chair, crackle leather chairs, master chair, nutella chair, vintage leather butterfly chair, caramel leather chair, lamps and bespoke manufacturing of leather goods in Sydney.

Browse through our collection and order now! Feel the leather difference with our handcrafted hair on hide butterfly chairs in Sydney. You won’t get enough from these unique chairs!