Relax on Northern Territory Picnic Day with Bespoke Vintage Leather Chairs Australia

We all love bespoke furniture upholstery and retro furniture restoration ideas. These masterpieces not only change the way a furniture can look, but transform your personal spaces into something more than unique. Now, who isn’t familiar with the Hardoy chairs which were originally created in matte black or stainless steel? With revolution in interior designing, there were many beautiful variations of these super comfortable butterfly chairs. In the present time, there is no limitation to these chairs. They fit perfectly in your bedroom and can also make the outdoors cozier. At NuBuck, we offer the style, versatility and comfort of these bespoke vintage leather chairs in Australia, all without an expensive price tag.

Now, with August approaching and everybody excited for the Northern Territory Picnic Day - what about relaxing on the long weekend with a leather butterfly chair from NuBuck? These chairs are perfect to lay down in complete relaxation after the Harts Range annual races or the sporting event featuring bull rides, a ute competition, children’s novelty events, whip cracking, lizard races and a rural ball.

Buy these bespoke vintage leather chairs before August comes, customise them and carry them along through the long weekends. They are versatile and hopelessly comfortable. Whether you are riding, lighting a barbecue up or dancing, these butterfly chairs will always be perfect for a relaxed, sun drenched outdoor environments.

Browse through our unique collection and transform the way you have always celebrated the Northern Territory Picnic Day in Australia.