Showcase & Discover Creative decor! Own the Unique Nutella Butterfly Chair

Featuring any space at home, the Nutella chairs can be used as a piece of furniture, a chair, an occasional chair due to its stylish comfort. Available in many different leather and configurations, these unique Nutella butterfly chairs from NuBuck can change the tone of any decor. They are functional, lightweight and carry simplicity which resonates with upscale contemporary interior designs. At NuBuck, we offer it all without an expensive price tag.

With these beautiful and versatile Nutella chairs, the home owners, DIY enthusiasts and interior designer can showcase plethora of creativity.

1. Pair them with unique covers for the outdoor spaces 

2. Throw a super cosy rug on them and enter your own groove 

3. Pair them with tribal accessories for a casual African aesthetic

4. Customise it for the kid’s room!

5. Add a burst of creativity to the outdoors 

We know that the possibilities with the Nutella butterfly chairs are endless. At NuBuck we give a spark to your creativity and strive to add an unique element to your home and commercial decor. Browse through our unique collection!

Feel the leather difference with the Nutella butterfly chair from NuBuck!