Stylish Home Decor Ideas - The Vintage Leather Butterfly Chairs And a Coffee Table

How many multi-functional furniture pieces have you seen before? According to our experience, there is no better way to fit furniture in a tight room, while maintaining a good flow, such as a leather butterfly chair with a customised round or hexagonal coffee table. Even when you don’t have to fit all the furniture into tight configurations, it is ideal to buy vintage leather butterfly chairs and a coffee table, because of the irresistible comfort they bring along. Moreover, this stylish combination can be a perfect place for the kids to work on art projects while the adults can use them to sit and have great conversations.

NuBuck offers a great collection of wholesale and retail furniture in high end leather. Ranging from many butterfly chairs to unique coffee tables, we are the specialist in beautiful leather butterfly seating and strive to bring a natural warmth to your home decor. Without any sharp corners and immense versatility, our products are ideal for every space. Our workmanship dictates comfort and maximum style. We also offer bespoke manufacturing of high quality leather goods in Australia.

Combined or single, these elegant butterfly chairs and coffee tables are perfect for a casual space or any industrial decor. Own your own style because nothing beats the timeless elegance of vintage leather butterfly chairs and a coffee table. Choose from an amazing handcrafted collection of:

Leather butterfly chair

Hair on hide butterfly chair

Full grain leather butterfly chair

Black leather butterfly chair

Caramel leather butterfly chair

Crackle leather chair

Hexagonal natural mango wood coffee table

With a lot of variation in color and pattern, these masterpieces from NuBuck bring a unique character to any space in the home. Browse through our unique collection and transform your home into a zone of comfort, style and luxury - all at affordable price. We provide trusted delivery across Australia.

Believe in us when we say that leather upholstery is an elegant variant to casual chairs. Feel the leather difference with NuBuck Australia! Buy online now!