Unique Ideas - Leather Butterfly Chairs for Super Picky Home Decors

The inspiration for the Argentine architects to create one of the most iconic chair designs in ‘Butterfly Chairs’ has been unmatchable. From elegant to rustic, these versatile butterfly chairs are capable of being all that you want for any space. These chairs suit small spaces, large spaces and even the pickiest furniture buyers. At NuBuck, these bespoke leather butterfly chairs have international quality workmanship and immense charm to add uniqueness to your decor.

There are hundreds and thousands of ways in which a leather butterfly chair can change the way your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, patio, terrace, garden, balcony and the whole property would look. Let us highlight a few in this blog.

Hotspot for lounging

Perfectly in the rustic space

Renovating your teen’s room

For your video game obsessions

For the one of its kind living space

Cozy corner in the bedroom

In the backyard, near the pool

To brighten any corner of your home

At NuBuck, there is much more to your charming ideas of bespoke furniture - all of the great quality and in the budget!