Charismatic Mid-century Interior Trends And Butterfly Chairs

Decades after the butterfly chairs were meticulously designed, they still manage to steal the show when it comes to modern interior trends. It has stayed relevant, capturing the spirit of mid-century modern flair as one of the most iconic chairs of that period. Nobody would be surprised if it is stated that butterfly chairs have managed to redefine spaces and alter the bold representation of interior designing.

Mid-century Inspired Modernism: A mid-century home had a blend of indoors, outdoors, wide window walls, ample natural sunlight with a view of the beautiful garden from paved terraces. So, what could be more important to an Australian mid-century inspired modern home than something to sit on, eat and entertain in the familial comfort? Of course, butterfly chairs! This is the only piece of furniture from the past which has embraced the idea of modernism through designers and architects.

Latest Interior Trends With Butterfly Chair: Being ridiculously comfortable, there was a time when the butterfly chair were used for teenagers only. This phase followed an era where these chairs were created using different covers, materials and fabrics like leather. They are lightweight and were easy to slide into the corners of the room or pull in open spaces.

Adding serious style to the space and keeping furniture portable, butterfly chairs have inspired a lot of interior designing trends.

1) Patio, porch or deck chair: With a laid back and casual look, these chairs are perfect for outdoor lounging. They look great in the backyard, by the pool or can be carried at picnics.

Patio, porch or deck chair

2) Living Room Chairs: These play perfectly with living spaces where modern or minimalist interiors are considered trends. On being draped with sheepskin, the chair becomes warm and inviting.

Living Room Chairs

3) Metal Frame and vibrant colors: With the options of being powder coated and painted, these chairs with metal frames are made versatile enough to suit a range of colours.

4) Tan Leather butterfly chairs: Complementing the textured grey sofa with a Boucherouite rug, these leather variations of butterfly chairs are great for spaces with a sophisticated look and feel.

Tan Leather butterfly chairs

5) Industrial Looks: With metal architectural features, these chairs are used to add visual presence into the industrial set-ups and offices.

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