History of Butterfly Chair

Who Made That Butterfly Chair? Let’s Know The History

How about knowing the origins of the modern favorite - the Butterfly Chair?

The butterfly chair is known as the sling chair, the Hardoy chair, the BKF chair, the Nap chair in college dorms and with many more aliases. No matter which name you prefer, the butterfly chair has been quite popular since it was created and perceived as an easy-going lounger. Historically, the butterfly chairs have origin since the 19th century and were used as military furniture.

The First Butterfly Chairs

They were first created in 1938 (just after world war II), through an Argentinian architectural firm called Grupo Austral. The group was owned by three designers - Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Juan Kurchan and Antonio Bonet. The chair is occasionally known as the BKF chair, for honouring the Bonet-Kurchan-Ferrari partnership. Though the chair was originally designed for a project which the Austral Group was building in Buenos Aires, it was introduced at a design exhibition in 1940.

It had won two prizes for the unique design and concept. It was highly accepted and appreciated for its "Good Design," as it was functional, handsome and lightweight. It also attracted the attention of the MOMA Design Director, Edgar Kauffman Jr, who thought the butterfly chair to be the best effort in modern chair design. The design holds the same value even after 70 years of creation.

Update Of Paragon Chair

Furniture historians know the butterfly chair as an updated design of Paragon Chair. In the 1870s, this chair was very popular in the US as campaign furniture and was specifically made for travel.

The Wooden Hardoy Chairs

The butterfly chair was the first piece of furniture to be made with tubular steel, but its wooden counterparts were manufactured since the 1850s. These folding ‘campaign’ wooden sling chairs were created for the British military by an English engineer named Joseph Fenby.

Changing Times

The butterfly chairs available in the modern era have a contemporary look and are certainly not the original designs from Hardoy, Artek or Knoll.

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