Styles and Trends of Butterfly Chair

Your Guide To The Great Style And Trends Of Butterfly Chairs

Because it is never too late to try a new trend! Let’s talk about butterfly chairs and exclusive leather butterfly chairs from Nubuck.

These butterfly chairs have been popular since many decades and have experienced a resurgence for the interior decorators and furniture creators in recent times. There are many reasons behind the trending butterfly chairs - they are versatile, they add style to every space they are placed into and are THE statement furniture piece used by property stylists

Butterfly Chairs Are Trending

There has been a sudden excitement revolving around the butterfly chairs. These masterpieces have become the new favorites of foodies, tech gurus and artists. They are perfect for people who want a blend of traditional with ultra-modern vibes. This is the time to take out the butterfly chairs which were stuffed in the garage or the cellar, refurbish them to your style and put them down in the garden or the living room. There are a lot of choices to choose from and lot of options to embrace your living spaces with.

How To Use Them?

If you are not a great fan of chairs with big arms, the leather butterfly chairs from NuBuck are for you. These chairs make the perfect stand-alone pieces of art in any space of your home or office. They also work well when you are trying to save some space.

Lucky we are, because these are available in a variety of textures and can be placed as a standalone piece in any room

  • Place them in the living room - How about snugly fitting into a sophisticated butterfly chair while watching a romantic movie or reading a book? These also give the warmth if draped in sheepskin or fur.
  • Place them in your balcony - Create a customised relaxation area in your home. Picture sitting back comfortably with a cup of coffee.
  • Place them in your home office/library – Perfect chairs to relax and read a book in. The soft leather will cocoon you and will be a silent companion as you spend your weekend afternoon engrossed with your favorite read.

These Come In Various Styles And You Would Love Them All! The butterfly chairs speak versatility. They come in various materials, colors, textures and sizes.

  • Add them with your mid-century furniture and interior
  • Add them with a pop of color in an eclectic space
  • Place them in the room to add contrast to modernity
  • Use them as the chic and casual element
  • Use them in your industrial setting or office

The leather butterfly chairs add a lot of visual presence in the room and look classy with a tinge of sophistication. NuBuck has the greatest range of leather options, available in Sydney. Browse the collection now! Feel the leather difference.