All our vegetable tanned products clearly reflect our policy on being as environmentally friendly as possible. 

The processing of raw hides (goat and buffalo) through to the finishing of the product is a labour intensive process that takes around 30-35 days, where more than 90% of the process is completed by hand.  Raw hides from domesticated and farmed buffalo and goats are locally sourced and first soaked in a solution of lime stone paste and sodium sulphate for about 15 to 20  days.


Once stable the hide is washed again with a lime stone solution, rinsed with clean natural water and shade dried   for two days.  There are a few crucial steps in between that are only known to the locals and passed down from generations.


The hides are then polished with vegetable oil and sun dried to give it the very sought after vintage look and feel.

To meet our customer requirements, we also use stained goat and buffalo leather which is sourced from licensed small scale industries using only certified AZO free dyes. These small scale industries are licensed and follow very strict environmental and pollution rules implemented by the Government of India.

Every time you use our product you will be satisfied with the thought that the leather has been sustainably sourced and processed with minimal environmental impact.

The artisans who create our products take absolute pride in their work and that is evident in every piece they make. Most of our artisans are a family unit where men do the cutting and tanning while women do the intricate stitching and oiling of the leather. Once the product skeleton is made, they are sent to our manufacturing unit for the final finish, quality check and packing.